Two car accidents in the last two months.

Driving in Atlanta, that can happen.

This week my client, Dan, was dealing with the same problem:
multiple car accidents. Dan was rear-ended in September and then rear-ended again in October, while still treating for the September incident. Is this is problem? Yes. Why? Because the insurance companies will start pointing fingers at each other. The insurance company for the first car collision will say the injuries are due to the second collision, and the insurance company for the second collision will say it is all because of the first collision. But there’s good news! This problem has a solution! The solution is a lawyer who knows how to thoroughly sift through the facts and medical records of each accident and parcel out the injuries. I have handled many of these cases and learned this skill. So if you find yourself in the situation where you were in a multiple car collisions, call Jones,Steele & Booth Law Firm. We can help.#Personal Injury #Jones,Steele,Booth Law #Car Accident#Atlanta